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This bandana is a lightweight blue and white flannel. 


This bandana comes with three sets of snaps on each side. Each bandana is listed with the height sizing and the neck size range. Choose a bandana that includes sizes larger than your dog's neck size, for example if your dog has a 16" neck, choose the 16-20" bandana. This is not a custom sized listing. The backing is black.


Bandana Height Sizing 

  • Sizing is custom made to fit your pet’s neck size. However, some dogs are small with big necks, and vice versa. So to offer sizing that more accurately fits your pet, in addition to providing their neck size, you will choose XS, S, M, L, or XL sizing. This sizing will affect the length of the bandana (or how tall it is on your pet). 


  • XXS: appropriate for small dogs that are low to the ground or cats. Snaps only is recommended. The bandana is ~3" tall. Neck size guideline: ~7-12"
  • XS: appropriate for small dogs that are low to the ground. Snaps only is recommended. The bandana is ~4.5" tall. Neck size guideline: ~7-12"
  • S: appropriate for small breed dogs such as corgis and terriers. The bandana is ~5.5" tall. Neck size guideline: ~8-12"
  • M: appropriate for small/medium size dogs, such as Shiba Inu’s. This bandana is ~7.5" tall. Neck size guideline: ~12-14" 
  • L: appropriate for large-ish breed dogs such as labs and pit bulls. These bandanas are ~8.5" tall. Neck size guideline: ~15-19"
  • XL: suitable for large breed dogs. These bandanas are ~9.5" tall. Neck size guideline: ~20-25"


  • You can hold up a ruler next to your pet and see how long you would like the bandana if you are unsure about the size guides. This new system will allow for more flexible and custom fitting, and will especially benefit those with growing larger breed puppies! I can work with you to make it fit longer. **If you know you would rather have a different height, just leave a note, I can fully customize the sizing for you.
  • Please ask if you have any questions about the new sizing! Email: pacificpawsco@gmail.com or Instagram: @pacificpawsco

Blueberry Bandana - Ready to Ship

  • All bandanas are custom made and will be somewhat adjustable. If your dog is growing please leave a note so I know to provide you with extra room! You can leave their current neck size, age, and breed estimate in the notes so I can cater to your pup. How to measure your pup’s neck size:
    Option 1: Measure your dog’s neck using a soft tape measure around the area you like the bandana to sit. 
    Option 2: Use a string if you do not have a soft tape measure, and measure the length of the string.
    Option 3: Use a collar that fits them well, unbuckle it and lay it flat, and measure the length from the female end of the buckle to the edge of the fabric (not the other buckle).
    In general, bandanas are approximately 8-10” longer than your dog’s neck size to provide ample space for tying. If you upgrade to a snap-on style, the bandana will be 2-3” longer than your dog’s neck size and have three snaps for an adjustable fit. For now, leave a note to upgrade to snaps, no upgrade listing or fee.