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The puppy collar is designed for young dogs with growing necks in mind. It is a 3/4" width and can be ordered in three different sizes. Choose the size that is most suitable for your breed as well as allows growing space. For example, if their neck is currently 8" you could choose the 8-12" collar or the 9-14" collar if you are okay with it being a little big to start.


You may choose any fabric design available in our shop (excluding the eco canvas prints). Keep in mind which ones will show up well on the small width.


Pictured with metal buckles. 

Custom Puppy Collar

Collar Width & Hardware
  • All collars are custom made and will be adjustable. How to measure your pup’s neck size:
    Option 1: Measure your dog’s neck using a soft tape measure around the area you like the collar to sit. 
    Option 2: Use a string if you do not have a soft tape measure, and measure the length of the string.
    Option 3: Use a collar that fits them well, unbuckle it and lay it flat, and measure the length from the female end of the buckle to the edge of the fabric (not the other buckle).