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This is our first hybrid collar! It is mostly the eco canvas Oceana print, with a smaller section of the Wave print (not eco canvas). Created by @oceanmako and named after her :) It can be made with a buckle, but is pictured with the limited slip upgrade (must be added to the cart separately!!).


Eco canvas is a bit heavier duty and more resistant to the elements than regular cotton. It is also coated with our adventure spray to help the fabric and collar last even longer. Eco canvas is made partially from recycled materials - so you can feel good about being eco friendly with this collar.


Pictured: fabric sample. Eco Canvas collars start at $28, and prices vary based on the width and hardware choices.


Options are shown as: Width (inches), Buckle material (Plastic/Metal), and hardware color (Silver/Gold)


**If you are ordering a martingale or slip collar with NO BUCKLE - please order the plastic buckle variation on the collar - not the metal one (you would be paying extra for no reason).

The Mako Hybrid Collar

Collar Width & Hardware
  • All collars are custom made and will be adjustable. How to measure your pup’s neck size:
    Option 1: Measure your dog’s neck using a soft tape measure around the area you like the collar to sit. 
    Option 2: Use a string if you do not have a soft tape measure, and measure the length of the string.
    Option 3: Use a collar that fits them well, unbuckle it and lay it flat, and measure the length from the female end of the buckle to the edge of the fabric (not the other buckle).